We believe that a key ingredient for any successful planning process is civic engagement and visioning. Public involvement translates into public ownership – crucial to making sure plans get adopted and implemented.

Project Lists

Community Planning + Downtown Development

Streetscape enhancement involves planning and implementing the unified and coherent treatment of the public pedestrian spaces that are located between buildings and roadways. Streetscape standards are intended to transform the streets and intersections of a downtown area into special places for people to enjoy and interact, and make the city more lively, attractive and safe for the benefit of everyone.

Cities are socially and physically complex places. Planning in cities must embrace this complexity and recognize the competing voices, interests and jurisdictions that shape land and policy. A city’s built form—buildings, streets, parks, infrastructure, and streetscapes—imposes functional relationships and modifies, but does not erase, the influence of natural systems.

Saratoga Associates works with a variety of entities to set a path for enduring economic success. From workforce development and industry cluster analysis to market feasibilities and fiscal impact analysis, our economic development studies help our clients identify their best assets and devise strategies to capitalize on them. Our approach to engaging the public makes sure that the diverse desires of residents, business owners and visitors are captured, recognized and integrated into the planning process. 

Master Planning

Site Design

DRI + Complete Streets