Architecture can be either a dominant sculpture or an expression of the landscape. It is our job to know the difference.

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The Architecture Studio within Saratoga Associates has a long history of innovative and socially responsible design of new structures and existing buildings. The breadth of our work represents community and regional cornerstones, including educational institutions, government structures, historic properties, commercial venues, housing, and cultural centers.

Investigative Design

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Our Approach

Saratoga Associates has provided comprehensive design services to numerous public and private organizations throughout the Northeast. Our team prides itself on providing comprehensive services by communicating space analysis and master planning through construction documentation, bidding, and the project construction phases. Our architectural design team is attuned to the sensibilities and concerns within the various constituents that make up the community, keeping in mind standards in creating functional, safe, durable and cost-effective projects. 

Our project philosophy strives to combine the delight of design with an environmentally responsible, long-term approach. Each project begins with an investigation of program needs, physical parameters and the cultural context. As a multi-disciplinary firm, we capitalize on the expertise and collaboration of our other professional studios. Dialogue with the client is integral, and continues through the turning of the key, resulting in a final solution that meets the hopes and expectations of all involved.

commitment to sustainability

We take responsibility in reducing impact on human and environmental health by looking at the life cycle of each building. Saratoga Associates makes a point of using the latest in product technology, best management practice standards and guidelines that support LEED™ certification to reduce the environmental impact of projects and project maintenance.

Did you know?


Saratoga Associates has a long-standing relationship with the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation. We have been involved in numerous architecture and landscape architecture projects, including renovation and restoration of historic structures and landscapes, the design of new visitor centers and park facilities, and the development of master plans and site plans for park properties throughout the state.

We are proud to have worked with the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation to help preserve and enhance the state’s rich cultural and natural resources.

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Meets Planning

We are an architecture firm that can plan. We see the big picture all the way to the smallest detail. Planning for an architecture project starts with landscape design, the community, and location specific information. We have the ability to make your vision a reality.

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communication is key

Illustrating your vision

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Head, Heart + Hand

We have the ability to conceptualize and convey an idea very quickly. By delivering multiple concepts to our clients, we have a continuous conversation until the final design is achieved. We make sure expectations are reality. This is why design visualization is so important.

Building construction is done by hand and that is why we are passionate about incorporating sketches and renderings into our projects. We believe that the head, the heart and the hand are closely connected. When we engage our knowledge with our passion, we use our skill to create beautifully detailed outcomes. This intimate connection to our designs can be felt by our clients, resulting in stunning visuals and experiences.

get to know each other

Our approach typically begins with a kick-off meeting with the client and any stakeholders to establish a vision, goals, and objectives and to clarify the scope, schedule, and lines of communication.

community outreach and engagement

A key component of our ability to bring concepts to reality is engaging our client early in the design process. We want the finished project to be as much from us, as it is from our clients.

support through the entire process

Saratoga Associates is experienced in hand-drawn illustration, 3-Dimensional modelling, and computer simulated walkthroughs. Whatever your needs are, we are able to make your vision realized.

No matter the obstacles we are with you