Work Life Balance

Life beyond the office

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Our Beliefs

Our team truly believes in the power of work-life balance, bonding,  health and wellness. Whether we are having fun in the office, meeting for dinner after work, or taking a hike in the Adirondacks on the weekend, time together is important. Our approach to professional development mirrors our approach to working with our clients. We like to get to know our staff, engage with our community and support each other through our work.

get to know each other

We like to know each other beyond our skills and abilities. We feel that personal relationships are key to a great team.

community outreach and engagement

We care about our health and well-being. We know that getting outside can be as small as having lunch in a neighboring park or climbing an Adk 46er.

support through the entire process

As a studio office, we are all in it together. We enjoy collaboration and assisting each other because we know that our success is much more than a deadline.
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Design is just the beginning

Community Stewardship

Our team’s unique approach to design doesn’t end when construction starts. Saratoga Associates has long recognized the social, cultural and economic value of a community’s access to parks and recreational facilities. To us, each project is an important piece of our greater community that can impact many lives. By protecting and caring for our public spaces, residents and visitors can continue to enjoy these resources for generations. That is why we are stewards of the natural world.

Spread the Love

NYS Parks

Have we told you that we love our parks? Every year thousands of volunteers from across the state participates in cleanup, improvement, and beautification events at New York State parks and historic sites.